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Vanguard Profile: Paul


Greetings! fellow Vanguardians and hobby enthusiasts, Paul here (aka Nekhromosis on the club forum), thought I’d introduce myself to those new to Vanguard and the Bristol gaming community as a whole. So, where do I start, at the beginning I guess….

Gaming has always been in my blood, be it boards games or RPGs (lost many a Call of Cthulhu character to eldritch horrors or madness!!), not to mention showing an aptitude for modelling as a nipper, but it wasn’t until the late 1990’s that I began to seriously dip my toes into the world of table top wargaming in the form of Warhammer 40K 3rd Edition, where I first started with Eldar, followed by Chaos Space Marines and then Tyranids. 40K soon brought out my creative streak as I began to customise my models and that soon led to my interest in creating environments to compliment my gaming, and thus my enthusiasm for terrain making was born.

I soon started to amass a growing collection of terrain which I found a good use for once I became part of the second wave of members into a small independant gaming club called The Redland Vanguard, so called due to the little community hall in Redland where the club held it’s weekly gaming night. A name change a little later, and I’ve been a member of the Bristol Vanguard ever since.

Since those early days I’ve been heavily involved with the running of club events, most notably the building and caretaking of the Vanguard’s ever growing collection of themed terrain (more on that later), but when I’m not building scenery or finding time to game, I’m converting and hopefully painting any of the various work in progress that I have on the go, from my current 40K faction of choice, The undying Necrons,  to revisiting my Tyranids and Chaos models and even completing my Undead and Slave to Darkness Chaos forces from the Mortal realms some day.


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