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Vanguard Profile: Josh

Hello! Josh

A quick post to introduce myself. I am Josh and I have been the club secretary for the last couple of years and the 40k rep for a year or so before that. Some of you will know me from Spoils of War which I have been running for the last 4 years and perhaps from other vanguard events I assist with.

I first got involved with Vanguard after moving to Bristol for work and seeking out fellow geeky individuals. I had played Warhammer when I was young but like many dropped it during my university years but figured it was now a good way to meet some new people. Cut & Thrust was still running at the time and I noticed a club poster up and got involved from there really. I took my fresh guard army to my first vanquish that summer and was really impressed. Over the next few years I got increasingly involved in the club and took over the running of the annual Spoils of War narrative 40k event.

40k wise I am a big fan of the more technological aspects, so it is not terribly surprising that I collect both Iron Hands and Mechanicum, my goal with both was to be able to play them in 40k and 30k but the new divided rule sets has made that a bit trickier. I also really like narrative gaming so I was keen to have a Big Bad collection to play the villain in set piece games, that took the form of Tyranids though they mostly set unpainted in their boxes for two years after I found them just not fun to play in the last edition. The recent changed and the new codex have changed that and they are my main painting project at the moment. Expect to see more on them in future blog posts.

weasilsWhile I still play 40k my gaming horizons broadened in the club and I now am more involved in several role playing campaigns and have a keen interest in board games. To those who have never tried an rpg I cannot recommend it enough. As a social game they are fantastic and with the right group they lead to some of the most surreal gaming experiences you can imagine. I may try and capture this in a blog at some point.

Most recently I have been working on the creation of this website and generally trying to create more of a sense of a community around the club. To boost that I would encourage everyone to use the website to share what they have been up to games and hobby wise.

Probably enough from me for now. If anyone has any questions or ideas relating to getting involved with or building the vanguard community please get in touch.



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