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World Building: Beginnings….



Hi there, Paul here agian with a quick history of my role within the club. Its wasn’t long into the club’s lifespan that we decided to draw upon our collective experiences of gaming and attending events, that we thought to run events of our own, the first of which would be an annual tournament we called Vanquish. The logistics involved in running such an event would prove challenging at first, especially concerning the amount of gaming tables and terrain we would need beyond that of our weekly gatherings of around six gaming boards.

As the club’s terrain enthusiasts, it fell upon myself and first founding member Jay to faciliate Vanquish with the gaming tables required and so we set about the task of knocking out boards and terrain to meet the deadline of Saturday 5th April 2008, the only other goal being was to ensure each gaming table had a cohesive theme and not merely a motley collection of trees, hills and ruins, which we saw when attending other events. Looking back at the below photos from that first Vanquish, the terrain was a little sparse by today’s standards, but it was a foundation to build upon, and so cemented my role (and Jay’s) within the club from that point on.

Fast forward to today, Jay’s painting talents have since been employed by the mighty GW up in Nottingham, leaving me as the soul artificer of the Vanguard’s array of terrain and gaming tables, which will be seeing a considerable make-over for 2018, but that is for another blog!



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