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Hive Fleet Glacious: Origins and Plans

Hello! One of my big hobby goals for 2018 (and 2017… and 2016….) is to finally get my hoard of unpainted bugs to a standard I’m happy with and onto the tables chewing faces.

I have always liked the tyranids in the 40k setting, they are just such a force of nature rolling over a distracted universe fighting petty wars amongst themselves. The endlessly consuming, replicating, expanding biological machine aspect is just cool and makes them a wonderfully cold villain.

Codex_Tyranids_5ed_coverI picked up the first models when I moved to Bristol and returned to the hobby in 2011, cut and thrust was closing down at the time and they had some pretty deep sales on remaining stock so I flicked through the 5th edition codex and grabbed a few bits figuring  at the they would make a great counterpoint to my main imperial guard army at some point.

Busy with my guard they mostly sat on Tyranids6ththe shelf until the 6th edition book rolled around in 2014 and brought some updated and new models with it. Enthused I bought up a lot of stuff, this was during the vanguard wargaming days, and started thinking about my hive fleet in earnest. Looking through the artwork and googling paint schemes I decided Ice themed Tyranids would be pretty cool.

After an initial surge of hobby work I finally hit the tables… and they just felt wrong. Here was an army that was supposed to roll over worlds in a terrifying unstoppable wave of claws and teeth but it just played badly as an assault army. Perhaps it was just me, I don’t claim to be the best player, but I just didn’t enjoy my games. I so wanted to be in close and chewing faces and the codex just did not deliver the options to get there before being shot off the board. Months passed and emerging builds for the tyranids revolved around the few star units of the codex (dakka flying tyrants mostly). Thoroughly disappointed my tyranids hibernated in a cupboard.

The paint scheme I had come up with was, in my mind, pretty good. It used all the blues in the rainbow and the Trygon Prime that came out of it is still one of my favourite models.

The problem was it took way too much time. On a big model it paid off, on the 120 termagaunts… well it was just never going to happen. 

So fast forward to 2017 and the glorious new 8th age of Warhammer 40,000. Tyranids are back again with a new codex and under the new rules are proving really fun to play. The stratagems and hive fleet options give you good choices and the general rebalance of units has done much to make it feel like everything in my collection has a place on the table. Time to do some hobby work and make these guys look good.

I am being practical this time round, the scheme has to be pretty simple if I am ever to get the whole army done. More reflection, and google image searches, lead me to settle on a light blue skin complimented by a grey carapace as my general theme. For bases I wanted snow, but also something funky going on with ice effects.

To keep up my momentum, and fill up the website a bit, I plan to blog about my progress as the army develops. Abusing my position of power, I will also be making Hive Fleet Glacious the focus of Spoils of War this year. I’ve always really liked the stories about how when a hive fleet comes through town the best most factions can hope to do is bend its path slightly away from their most valuable worlds. That is something that I think, with some work, would make a great theme for a campaign weekend. There will be some unusual twists, it is spoils after all, I’ve been toying with the idea of a hive fleet going the wrong way, back out the eastern fringe of the galaxy.

I hope this will be of interest to people, and as ever I encourage anyone who has a hobby project going on to share with the club.

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