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Hive Fleet Glacious: Progress and The Recipe

Hello! If there is one thing that lights a fire under my hobby desk its a looming deadline. This month that has been the Vanguard Fun Doubles event taking place Easter weekend at BIG (Event Details Here).

It will be the first outing of Glacious Reborn so I have been especially keen that they put on a respectable showing and look great on the table.

The RecipeĀ 

I spoke last time about my failure to get this hive fleet off the ground some years ago, and issues with the game and the codex aside one of the big blockers was I chose a scheme that was just too complicated and time consuming. This time round I wanted something basic, no mixing custom shades of blue, no multiple layers of colour on basic troops.

With a little help from Google Image search and a chat with a friendly Gamesworkshop employee from the Cribbs store I devised the new recipie during the summer of 2017. Now I am implementing it in earnest I figure its as good a time as any to share (and write it down so i don’t forget it in the future…).

With the goal of keeping it simple I broke down all tyranid models into a few basic components: Exoskeleton, Fleshy Bits, Shell, Boney Bits and Weapony Bits.



This is the first colour I apply, and it makes up most of the tyranid model. Its all the arms, legs, torso, tails and basically everything that isn’t a weapony bit, shelly bit or fleshy bit.

In my old scheme this was a very time consuming series of blues and whites dry brushed and highlighted over one another, this time I wanted simple and it doesn’t get much more simple than this.

  1. Primer Spray White
  2. All Over wash of Guilliman Blue.

Despite being only a single colour the glazes washed over white give a really good depth of colour and I’m pretty pleased with the shade it gives me as a foundation for the model.

I did decide that It would include the structural parts of weapons, some tyranid schemes pick this out in another colour but in my mind the weapon is no less a part of the tyranid organism that his arm and I wanted the scheme to reflect this.


Secondly I usually do the shell. This is a fairly distinctive part ofall models and the one that is usually most in eye line when looking down at the table. I went for the fairly classic lines up the ridges of the shell look, though I never have been very good at keeping lines fine so it looks a bet messy.

  1. Basecoat Eshin Gray
  2. Wash Nuln Oil (Gloss)
  3. First set of vertical lines in Dawnstone
  4. Second set of fewer lines in Administratus Grey

This is definitely an are I could improve, sometime I hit the zone with the paint consistency, pointiness of the brush and stroke and it comes out perfect… other times I leave a smear across the shell. OH WELL. Horde armies for you, have to just keep smashing them out and hope i improve.

Boney Bits


Usually next is the boney bits. Old one eye featured here has more boney bits than usual, but typically its the spikes, teeth and general knobbly bits.

  1. Basecoat Ushabiti Bone
  2. Wash Seraphim Sephia
  3. Dry Brush Ushabiti Bone

I’ve played around with tyrant skull instead of ushabati for the drybrush, but there seemed to be a slight tint that put me off. that and my distrust for the spongey mass that all my “dry” paints seem to be.

Fleshy Bits


Mistress Tervigon is one of the most fleshy examples so far, for most models this is just the tear like sections of muscle on the limbs.

  1. Base Genestealer Purple
  2. Wash Druchi Violet
  3. Drybrush / Highlight Fulgrim Pink.

I still wonder if I should make the fleshy bits glossy… tempted to try out a Hard coat layer or even some water effects, particularly on things like the Tervigon and Sporocyst Sacks.

Weapony Bits

I like to pick out detail on the weapons in green, for most it is a vent here and there or a tube, but on some models with devourers it can be a larger surface.

  1. Basecoar Moot Green
  2. Wash Coelia Greenshade
  3. Highlight ???

I’ve not decided yet if i need to add something after the wash. On small bits the wash brings out the textures and it looks good, on bigger pieces the green can come out a bit flat. Something for me to ponder. Perhaps a highlight of a brighter green, or just moot again, around interesting features.

And that is pretty much the recipe. Put all together they came out with more of a Pastel look than the ice monsters I had in my head but I am pretty fond of them.


The iciness would have to come from the bases. That though is a topic for a future blog in its own right.

Progress so Far

So how am I doing almost 3 months into the year? The Painted List stands at:

1 Neurothrope

3 Ravenors

6 Warriors + Converted Ravenor / warrior Prime Beast

1 Lictor

1 Tervigon

1 Hive Crone

20 Termagaunts

12 Genestealers (Almost there, need final shell work)

And my hobby desk is covered in the following works in progress mostly for use at the doubles list in a couple of weeks:

9 Ripper Bases

3 Carnifexes

4 Hive Guard

1 Sporocyst

20 or so Spores

After the doubles tournament I really need to just plough into more gaunts, maintaining sanity by throwing in a big monster for variety every now and then (Exocrine, Harpy, Swarm Lord and a winged Tyrant all in the queue).

Thanks for reading, we have had a few other authors sign up recently, prompted by our tale of # gamers club event so hopefully there will be a bit more stuff to see here soon.



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