Tale of # gamers

Waaagggh! Ork name generator


Recently I took part in a mini campaign in which participants had to name their characters. I fielded an Ork army and with Orks being Orks, my characters rarely survived longer than a game. Very quickly I was struggling to come up with new names and this led me to create a Ork Name Generator which I am sharing here.

Ork Name Generator

If anyone out there is taking part in the Tale of # Gamers with an Ork army, I hope this name generator comes in handy. If nothing else I hope it provides you with some fun. Who doesn’t want a Ork name right!

Hit F9 to refresh the Warboss, Big Mek, Weirdboy and the Clan Name, or use your initials in the basic table. If I had more computer skills I would love to put it into website form but until then it is a basic Excel file. Please forgive any typos! This was really created just for fun.

I am planning to take part in the Tale of # Gamers and will be posting my (Adeptus Mechanicus) army building progress in this blog to spur me on. I also have a few Ork things in need of finishing (including a Stompa) so expect to see some of this too.


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