Tale of # gamers

A Tale of Gamers: Origin Story

My tale of gamers saga begins with the arrival of some new Eldar this week!  But before I get into what my 500 points is going to look like, I have come up a bit of background and origins for my craftworld.

*Warning* I am not an Eldar lore expert or particularly good writer so I am sure there are plenty of errors in this.

Without further ado my Craftworld origin story…

Aeldari history is littered with stories of anguish, tragedy and sorrow and this story begins no differently.

In the distant past at the height of Iyanden ascendancy, days before the hive fleet kraken strikes at the heart of the craftworld.  A routine patrol on the fringes of Iyanden space are descended upon by a great shadow. With an enormous psychic assault the ship was fractured and under attack, surrounded by shadow on all sides the was no way to get a warning out to their kin. The stoic eldar defenses were no match for the overwhelming number of their assailants, the alien invaders rampaged through the ship ripping all that stood in their way.

A final resolute unit of defenders fortified their position and closing ranks on their seer, readying for a final stand against the unending wave of their single minded enemy. It was in these dying moments that with a heavy heart and sorrow the spirit seer clutched his ancestors spirit stones round his neck and called out to the resting spirits for aid. The alien invaders recoiled as the air across the ship shifted before continuing their assault on the defenders.

As the light began to fade from the seer the attackers turned their back on the guardians. The outline of the awoken wraith guard could be seen as bright flashes illuminated the corridors. The wraith guard made an implacable advance to the seer and his unwavering guardians aid before purging the corridors of all alien threat.

The seer and the few surviving defenders bolstered by their awoken dead drift helplessly in a fractured ship further into the abyss beyond the edges of known Iyanden space. The seer, still weakened by the awakening senses a far greater threat than that of which they scarcely repelled with no way warn their kin for the immense shadow surrounding them.

Now on to my first 500 points. Without going into too much detail it will look something like this. I am still trying to work out the exact loadouts.

Spirit seer

Guardians and heavy weapon platform

Wraith guard

Wraith lord

That is all for now, now on to assembly and painting!

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