Tale of # gamers

Tin Men To Terrorise Tale Tellers…

Ah…Tale of gamers. A timeless classic as WD articles go, the originals back in the early 00s have been emulated and repeated many times over. I’m a big fan. There’s something about “following along” with fellow gamers as they start an army – watching their progress, getting an idea as to the thought process and decision making behind building and painting their chosen army. Good fun!

When it was mooted amongst fellow Vanguardians / Fun Nighters we do one, it came at an opportune time. I’d shelved / benched an army I’d been using for some time, and was looking to start something new anyway. A few models had been gathered for some long-term projects, but I wanted something totally different. Prevailing wind of opinion when I asked for it tied in with my own thoughts. So, Necrons it is! But why…?

Imminent new codex – check

Easy to paint / quick to field models – check

Different to armies seen frequently within existing gaming group – check

Tactically straightforward for an inept fool like me – check

“Start Collecting” box has a good 500 points – check

Another advantage is the release of the new “Forgebane” box set. People are keen to buy for some of the contents, and the Necron half is being jettisoned left right and centre! I managed to get a Necron half from someone who’d purchased from an online discount retailer costing him only £76, and he let me have the ‘Crons for £30. These (Immortals, Lychguard, Wraiths and a Cryptek) will be tucked away for future additions / increments in this tale however…

The contents of the “Start collecting” box are due to change with the release of the new Codex, but I liked it as was – Overlord, Warriors, Scarabs and Triarch Stalker (which works out to a decent 500 points, the starting point for this version of Tale of Gamers). I purchased one for £37.50 from Darksphere to use as the starting point for my force. There’s quite a few models in the Necron range that I like the look of or rules for too, so any difficulties will be in deciding which to choose and not being stuck for choice! I made one more purchase…Illuminor Szeras. Love the model and his rules intrigue me.

As always for me, it’ll be a combination of expedient choices financially (and tactically – no laughing at the back!) with a sprinkling of rule of cool / “it looks great”.  So, my starting 500 points looks like this:

  • Illuminor Szeras
  • 11 Necron Warriors
  • Triarch Stalker with Twin Heavy Guass cannon
  • 3 Scarab bases
  • Patrol detachment, 495 points

Fear the march (scuttle?) of the Tin Men! Until I start rolling 1s that is…


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