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A Tale of # Gamers: The Pallid Host


Hi, welcome to my blog on my Tale of # Gamers.

I had a couple of choices for what to do for this new army. Firstly I have a whole load of tyranids to pain this year, but I’m already well on my way with that and telling its tale under my Hive Fleet Glacious series of posts so I felt it would not be in the spirit of the Tale project. Secondly I have a Mechanicus / Iron hands project stalled for a year or so now, but really im waiting for the much promised but never sighted forge world book that will allow me to field the very cool 30k robots in 8th edition 40.

So having established I could not possibly paint anything I already own, it was time to hit the shops!


I fixed on Daemons, starting with Nurgle. A few reasons really, firstly the recent nurgle model releases have just been fantastic. From what I read on the rules they had great synergy and just looked fun. I’ve also been catching up on my black library backlog recently and I loved the scenes with nurgle in Dark Imperium and I want to do more Age of Sigmar so Blightwar served to reinforce my stormcast and daemons could be a dual system army.

Tale 1


Starting with Blight war I had a characterful HQ in Horticulous and found his ability summon (or in my head poop out) trees onto the battlefield too amusing to not use so a Feculent Gnarlmay had to be in the lift with him. The start collecting box added a herald and more staple troops and the beast of nurgle because Horticulous also provides them with buffs. This lot will tick off the first months 500 points easily and probably months twos 750 aswell.

To weave these decisions into a slow grow story of sorts I come up with the premise that there is a world that drains daemonic energy. It is covered in slabs of black stone which are carved with the religious runes of a long dead civilisation. This is bad for daemons. It is worse for poor Hoticulous Slimux who has been sent there with the unenviable task of trying to get the daemonic forests of nurgle to grow there. The trees would break the stones and begin to open the door for more and more daemon forces, giving me room to expand into other gods forces down the line.

My 500 Point List will probably be as follows:

Patrol Detatchement

HQ: Hoticulous Slimux

Troops: 12 Plaguebearer with Musician

Troops: 3 Nurglings

Ellites: Beast of Nurgle

Fast Attack: 3 Plague Drones

Reserves 50 Points to Summon the Fecculent Gnarlmaw.

I dont think its the most efficient list, i would be better dropping the tree and the beast and just piling a herald and more plaguebearers in… but i think this tells the story best and i can build up on its effectiveness next month.

Looking forward to getting stuff built, painted and onto the table.

nurgle banner


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