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The Void Phantoms

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I’ve been a 40k player on and off for the last 10 years or so and have recently really been getting back into the game with 8th edition. I mostly play marines (Ultramarines) but I also play Deathguard and T’au.

I’ve always loved playing Ultramarines but thought it’d be really cool to start my own chapter and the tale of gamers seemed the perfect opportunity, with this the Void Phantoms were born.

A chapter on the brink of destruction following the events which caused the cicatrix maledictum, the Void Phantoms lost over two thirds of their chapter and their whole chapter command to the warp. The remenants of the fourth battle company lead by the newly promoted Captain Rahmiel are fighting for survival as the Indomitus Crusade begins. Will the chapter regroup or be forever lost?

Chapter Colours

Battle Brother – Company colour shown on right knee.








The First 500 Points

I wanted to build a solid infantry base for my force. I had lots of the sprues left from the start collecting box so decided to make up a tactical squad and Captain from this set with a couple of head and arm swaps from my bits box. I also picked up a devastator squad for some more firepower and this nicely rounded off my first 500 points.

Patrol Detachment – 500pts

Chapter Tactics – Raven Guard


Captain Rahmiel – Terminator Armour, Iron Halo, Relic Blade, Storm Bolter, Iron Resolve (Warlord Trait) 123pts


Tactical Squad – 10 Tactical Marines. Sergeant with power fist and Combi Melta, Multi Melta, Meltagun, bolters. 205pts

Heavy Support

Devastator squad – ArmoriumCherub, Signum, 5 Devastator marines. Sergeant with Storm Bolter and chainsword. 2 Marines with Lascannons, 2 marines with Missile launchers. 172pts


Here is the finished army for April! Just about managed to get my devastators finished in time. I had an awesome couple of games this month too against David’s White Scars (check out his battle report blog) and also against Steve’s Eldar both were very close victories and fun games.




Here’s a little bit of narrative based around the second game which will give a couple of clues as to my new additions next Month!!

Hope you enjoyed the blog, looking forward to reading everyone’s progress and seeing where there armies go next in May!



The distress beacon called, Captain Rahmiel paced towards the bridge of the Wrath of Methusaleh, the Fourth Company’s Battle Barge. “Transmission from the planets surface my Lord, a distress beacon from Captain Amon it would seem he and his forces are trapped and under fire.” The servitor voxed. “I thought him lost, uttered the Captain we must answer the call, prepare two squads to accompany me to the surface”. “I urge caution my Lord” interjected Helvexus Lieutenant Librarian of the Fourth Company, “Our forces are depleted you are the only known Commander left, this could be a trap, we cannot afford to risk your life Lord” …………..

Captain Rahmiel assembled his forces planetside, his trusted Sergeant Xavier assembled his tactical squad into two groups to proceed towards the distress beacon whilst Sergeant Ortis’ devastators gave covering fire. 

Looming wraith constructs emerged from the shadows, Rahmiel realised Helvexus had been right as the enemy forces assembled. The Lascannons and missile launchers screamed as they fired towards the largest wraith construct, smoke and armour plates exploding from the figure, the construct staggered but regained its posture as it advanced towards their position .

Rahmiel and his brothers closed towards the beacon, he could see his captured battle brothers before him, maybe they could be saved. Out of the mist, crackling witch fire and shurikens fell like rain, Rahmiel saw his brothers cut down around him and fell to his knees as the witch fire crackled around his ancient suit of terminator armour. The mirage dissipated, his heart sank as he realised the trap had closed around him. 

“You did not think it would be that easy did you human” the Farseer cackled. Bolters and meltaguns roared into life as the Void Phantoms retaliated killing many of the farseer’s guardian bodyguard. 

Incandescent with rage at the treachery, the battle brothers charged towards the central building, Rahmiel’s relic blade shining into life. 

Rahmiel sank to his knees again, more witchfire burned through his armour, he couldn’t take much more of this psychic onslaught. He roared a challenge to the farseer and blades locked in combat. His relic blade slashed through the bodyguard and wounded the farseer himself. 

“My Lord, Sergeant Ortis has fallen, and the rest of his squad, I am falling back, under heavy fire, more Wraith automatons are advancing to your position, Artemis out.”  

Rahmiel felt the desperation of the situation grow. Sergeant Xavier stood behind him, his power fist pummeling the remenants of the guardians, one of the few survivors of the tactical squad. Rahmiel’s blade locked once more with the Farseer slaying him as the wraith constructs emerged over the walls. 

The wraithguard’s weapons burst into life, vapourising the armour of the tactical marines, leaving only three survivors. Suddenly a web way gate opened and the wraiths disappeared leaving Rahmiel and the last remaining three battle brothers alone in the ruin. 

Rahmiel looked around and saw a body slumped on the floor, the Astartes  looked little like the friend he knew though he recognised the ornate power armour’s markings. “Brother …..” he groaned and slipped back into unconsciousness. 















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