Tale of # gamers

Chapter 1: Xanadu Brotherhood vs Void Phantoms

The distress signal pulled Turgen Khan from his thoughts. Although hardly equipped for a full scale engagement the beacon in the dark could not be ignored.

Tumbling dust from the Thunderhawk’s touch down settled to reveal the Whitescar patrol, Turgen’s personal bodyguard looked ready as ever; eager to bring the Emperors justice to those who would defy the Imperial authority. He was glad to have the wisdom and guidance of Ganbaater at his side and a well oiled Assault Cannon was always a reassurance.

As the patrol entered the deserted mining outpost nothing looked amiss, Haden strode forward with his Khan while Gan took his squad onto the dilapidated walkways of the old gantries over the workings.

A McGuffin was just visible in the shade of the furthest gantry, overshadowed by the signal tower the northeastern quadrant. As Ganbaater drew level with Turgen ruby light and missile exhausts speared out from the signal tower. The Whitescars were not alone.

Geirel raced his Attack Bike forward to secure the objective. Shots ricocheting from the sturdy bikes armour but would not deflect the might of the foes weapons as the bike disappeared in a hail of fire.

Turgen could only see dark armour as bodies fell from the Signal tower under the relentless fire from the Whitescars advance. As more dark figures emerged from the buildings in the northwestern quadrant the Whitescars came unedr increasing fire. Ganbaaters systems overloaded, before Muunkhoi’s bike was shot from beneath him.

The two forces met in the center of the outpost. There was something very familiar about the dark outlines that coalesced as the distance closed. Turgen charged to defend the Mcguffin taking on the hulking figure obviously the head of this mysterious opposing party.

A 2nd squad was approaching from the east although thinned by his brothers fire he knew they must not reach the objective. The incoming enemy must have seen his advance from the corner of their eye. Turgen thought he was safe as the incoming fire passed wide of him; however, that was the last he remembered as the encouragement from the enemy commander seemed to spur his men to correct their aim just in time. The error lights of his armour all flashed to red as Turgen’s body was bathed in the superheated Melta flare.

The sound of the Narthecium brought Turgen around, Gan approached to inform him that the foe was non-other than the Void Phantoms and that Captain Rahmiel held the day.


Xanadu Brotherhood

Turgen Khan: Grav Pistol and Power Sword – 86pts (5PL)

Hagan Squad: 5 Tactical Marines; Sergeant with Power Fist and Melta Bombs, Grav Gun – 97pts (5PL)

Gan Squad: 5 Tactical Marines; Plasma Cannon – 86pts (5PL)

Muunokhoi Squad: Attack Bike; Heavy Bolter – 47pts (3PL)

Geriel Squad: Attack Bike; Multi-Melta – 64pts (3PL)

Ganbaater: Dreadnought; Assault Cannon and Missile Launcher – 117pts (7PL)


Void Phantoms

Captain Rahmiel – Terminator Armour, Iron Halo, Relic Blade, Storm Bolter, Iron Resolve. 123pts

Tactical Squad – 10 Tactical Marines. Sergeant with power fist and Combi Melta, Multi Melta, Meltagun, bolters. 205pts

Devastator squad – 5 Devastator marines. Sergeant with Storm Bolter and chainsword. 2 Marines with Lascannons, 2 marines with Missile launchers. 172pts


Forgot to make a precise note of VP but think its was about 15 to 9 for Paul.

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