Tale of # gamers

Commander Brighthope’s Hunter Cadre

Commander Brighthope stalked into the command nexus of the Rising Star and paused a moment to let the atmosphere of concern wash over her.

Her Hunter Cadre had spent many cycles traveling around T’au colonies, ferreting out the remnants of previous Ork invasions, but a greater threat had now called her away.
They were currently en route to Fortress Station F-626, where the T’au were said to be gathering in force; for what she did not know.

Four representatives of the other castes that stood over the holo’ display, murmuring earnestly to one another, parted when she approached. Her gaze fell on the object of their interest; a flashing red light over a T’au colony and the reason their journey would be delayed.

Hi, so for this “Tale of # Gamers” as you may have guessed from the small narrative I put together, I have decided to play T’au.

I am new to the community and decided that this year I wanted to get involved in the social aspect of the hobby and meet more like minded people. This event seemed like an excellent opportunity to do just that and also to give me some motivation to paint my forces.

30074111_1906722979339220_977361282_oSo, to start this sphere of my hobby expansion I decided to pick up a T’au “Start Collecting” box, an extra squad of Fire Warriors (because pulse rifles), a Pathfinder Squad, a squad of Kroot (not pictured, have to pick up on Tuesday) and to lead this small patrol detachment I went for a Cadre Fireblade. I figured Shas’O Brighthope wouldn’t lead a patrol.

The forces will hail from the Vior’la Sept but they will not be painted white. I have decided to paint them a light grey similar to Space Wolves and they will still sport the red Sept colour on their armour somewhere. So without further ado, here is my 500pts army list.


Shas’nel Nars (Cadre Fireblade) 42pts


“The Raptor Pack” (Kroot Carnivores) 50pts

“Strike Team Bulwark” lead by Shas’ui Sho’ka (Strike Team with pulse rifles) 70pts

“Strike Team Starlance” lead by Shas’ui Monat (Strike Team with pulse rifles) 70pts


“Crisis Team Enduring” lead by Shas’vre Korst’la (Crisis Team With 2x plasma rifles and Adv targeting systems each) 228pts

Fast Attack

“Pathfinder Team Lonehunter” lead by Shas’ui Mo’ku (Pathfinder Team) 40pts

TOTAL = 500pts

Now it’s time to put them together and get some paint on that boring grey plastic!

Thanks for reading.


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