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Tin Men – Assemble!

Right! Now that the Doubles Rumble is out of the way it’s time to get these Tin Men on a table…

I’d elongated my Easter Bank Holiday slightly by taking a couple of days extra off (if the wife asks, it’s because I wanted to spend time with the kids…really it was me avoiding buses replacing trains due to engineering works on my commute to work!), so with my daughter glueing some AoS models together I sat down and started on my ‘crons.

As a reminder, here’s my list for the first 500 points:

  • Illuminor Szeras
  • 11 Necron Warriors
  • Triarch Stalker with Twin Heavy Gauss Cannon
  • 4 Scarab Bases
  • (Patrol detachment, 498 points)

There must have been a shift / tweak in points from index to codex, as previously I could only get 3 scarab bases in, coming to 495 points. Not yet settled on a Dynasty yet…will give that some thought after painting.

Breezed through the assembly of the Warriors. I made all 12 that came in the box even though I can only fit 11 in the 500 points. Given that they are 3 wounds each, I decided to put only 3 scarabs per base…enabling me to stretch the models I had out to 4 bases worth, and I don’t think it looks too bad either. A good Bank Holiday Monday’s work!

Then I tried assembling the Triarch Stalker…

The body / legs were a synch, but the cockpit was…a little fiddly! My hands are not exactly precision instruments…I have large spades with sausages attached to them. Great for scraping a ball out of a ruck on a rugby pitch, but perhaps not for this. Still, despite much wailing and moaning like a be-atch, I eventually got it done (I will confess to hankering after easy-build Primaris and wondering if it was too late to change!)

Painting wise, I’m deciding between the traditional or a bronze / gold with Verdigris. It’ll be (lazily) sprayed with a wash and a few details either way!  Here’s a few photos of my assembly progress. I’m away for work next week, so may take some paints with me for Hotel room evening entertainment! Watch this space…

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