Tale of # gamers

Xanadu Brotherhood

Turgen Khan sat in his stateroom ruminating on the events of Dewbells Rhumble, many things still did not make sense. With his Brotherhood in disarray he wasn’t sure that a ceremonial visit to outlying areas was the best use of his time…

I started playing 40K with Rogue Trader, kept my hand in with 2nd and 3rd then life happened. I played one game of 6th and a couple of 7th during this time I added some ‘newer’ models to my old Beakies; plenty of Bikes as befits what the Whitescars became in the time I was away. Thanks mainly to Shadow Wars: Armageddon I pulled out the 40k box again and dusted off the Whitescars. A Tale of # Gamers looks like the perfect opportunity to remodel, re-glue and strip some vintage daubing. Getting some old and some very old models on the table – who knows I may even get something new on the table (loving the thought of a Redemptor as a focal center piece!)

Starting out of the gate these Whitescars are a bit foot heavy but their Fast Attack options are already planned for in reinforcements 1 and 2 🙂 …


Turgen Khan: Grav Pistol and Power Sword – 86pts (5PL)

Hagan Squad: 5 Tactical Marines; Sergeant with Power Fist and Melta Bombs, Grav Gun – 97pts (5PL)

Gan Squad: 5 Tactical Marines; Plasma Cannon – 86pts (5PL)

Fast Attack

Muunokhoi Squad: Attack Bike; Heavy Bolter – 47pts (3PL)

Geriel Squad: Attack Bike; Multi-Melta – 64pts (3PL)


Ganbaater: Dreadnought; Assault Cannon and Missile Launcher – 117pts (7PL)


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