Tale of # gamers

8063rd Dirt Bike scramblers rough riders.

I was asked how I was going to build my dirt bikes.

Dark elder speeder bikes are brilliant for this. By stripping the wings and cutting off the nose and the jet exhaust you effectively end up with the engine, the seat, petrol tank and the rear fender of the bike. With some clever carving out and filing it’s ready for the rest.

I used space marine bike handles and the front lights and built my own suspension out of plastic rod and tubes. The exhaust pipes are also made from the tubes.

Space marine bike wheels where filed down from the centre and glued back together to make a thinner profile tire and I filed around the outside to make the wheel smaller.

Thin card glued inbetween the front suspension made for a good fender.

The riders are from the valkyrie gunners sprue and I used the arm from the heavy weapons squad sprue and the arm from the flamer infantry to have the rider holding the handle bars either on the left or right.

I gave them bombs instead of lances. I wasn’t sure what else to use to be honest. I felt it worked well.

There are a few pictures for references

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