Tale of # gamers

Tale of # Gamers: Waaagh Gobshite

I am going to treat my Tale of # Gamers force a little differently to others. The army is new and all the infantry are new but I will be attempting to recycle a lot of the vehicles that are in my collection that I have not previously managed to get painted and on the table. Space Marine Landspeeders will become Warbuggies, Leman Russes will become Battlewagons and much more besides. I will acquire more vehicles to loot but my intention is that I will not use any official vehicle model. This will hopefully push my modelling skills with elements that I have not used much before like plasticard.

On to the fluff (subject to change):

Warboss Shatta Gobshite was born on on a planet known to the Imperium as Trignar 4 but to its Orks inhabitants as Hur. Hur is located in the Charadon Sector of the Ultima Segmentum. First settled by humanity in the Dark Age of Technology, it was rich in iron and other minerals and soon became a world covered in mines and factories. During the Age of Strife the planet fared relatively well and the planet was brought into the Imperium during the Great Crusade without a shot being fired. Trignar 4 grew into thriving forgeworld, a major exporter of spoons, tin openers and electro-stun rods to the whole sector. In 738.M40 a Chaos Cult started in the depths of the foundries starting as illicit speakeasies, fight clubs and book groups. In 812.M40 Inquisitorial investigation uncovered the cult and the world broke into open warfare. Daemons were brought forth by foul rituals and Heretic Astartes of the Iron Warriors Legion turned the great ladle casting halls to the work of forging Daemon Engines. The Imperium pushed back with Astra Militarum regiments of the Gralgar IV “Swamp Trogs”, Protox Prime “Sky Wardens” and Kelton VII “Steel Shields”. The Heretics dug in and the war dragged on with the Brazen Swords Space Marine Chapter joining the fray. There were also unconfirmed rumours of xenos forces fighting on the surface to fulfil their own obtuse goals. With the factories ruined, the very soil corrupted and mineral resources low, Extermitus was ordered in 839.M40 and the planet was virus bombed, scouring all life from the planet. In a breach of protocol that would have ramifications through out the sector, the Mechanicum removed the left over methane from the atmosphere for use in promethium. The last atmospheric hauler departed in 860.M40 leaving nothing but a dead world littered with red dust, smashed buildings and wrecked vehicles.

Just a few short years later in 864.M40 a Space Hulk dropped out of the warp and immediately crashed into the planet. The Ork inhabitants were all killed on impact but as is the way of Orks, it was not long before new Greenskins walked the surface. When Gobshite first hatched from its pod they fell in with some Gorker Goffs, fighting in the massed ranks of boys. They were considered something of a runt and grew little bigger than a Grot. All this changed when during one battle they encountered a mob of Evil Suns riding in Trukks. Transfixed by the roar of the engine and the flash red they was easy prey for a sideswipe from the Trukk. As the Trukk hit Gobshite had a realisation. The Goffs were Brutal but Kunnin’ but it had no place there as it was Kunnin’ but Brutal. Pausing only to pop its leg back into its socket, it ran to catch up the Trukk, jumped on and a legend was born.

For my first 500 points my army will consist of:

Warboss with Big Choppa and Kustom Shoota

2 x 10 Boyz with Nob with Big Choppa

2 x Trukk with Big Shoota and Wreckin’ Ball

2 x Warbuggies with rack of rokkits

The Boyz and Warbuggies are already built just need a lick of paint. The Trukks will be converted from Chimeras.


3 thoughts on “Tale of # Gamers: Waaagh Gobshite”

    1. It is a lot of fun to do Orky conversions. You are free to do a lot of things that just wouldn’t make sense with other factions. Plus there is no pressure to make everything neat and perfect.


  1. It is a lot of fun to do Orky conversions. You are free to do a lot of things that just wouldn’t make sense with other factions. Plus there is no pressure to make everything neat and perfect.


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