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Crimson Fists Second Crusade Company

Before I get into the army, I should really introduce myself. I’m new to the gaming community in Bristol, I’ve been working in the city centre for 2 years and only just struck out to find the table top gaming scene. Tale of seems like the perfect excuse to get out and meet as many of the established as well as new members to Vanguard.

I’ve toyed around with a back story, but decided to keep it brief and let the story develop as individual models perform admirably or otherwise in game. However, here’s an explanation of where I see this narrative taking place.


Following the formation of the Cicatrix Maledictum, the future of the Crimson Fists was looking rather bleak (again). there numbers already dwindled and slowly recovering from the Rynn’s world incident, their home world once again besieged, although this time by a new enemy; the daemonic horde’s of the Daemon Prince Rhaxor.

In the Crimson Fists usual Zealot like approach to defending the Imperium, Pedro Kantor led the forces again and again to strike back and destroy the besieging army of daemonic entities. It was  not until the timely arrival of the Indomitus Crusade that forces of Rhaxor where defeated.

Not only where did Guilliman bring salvation, but also reinforcements in the form of Primaris marines from the Imperial Fists Chapter, already bearing the Crimson Fists heraldry. The most senior captain was Hanno Barca.

The Indomitus Crusade moved on, Pedro Kantor immediately set his reinforcements to effective use, cleaning the Loki sector of any Chaos taint. Taking the opportunity to drill the new recruits in the tactics of the Crimson Fists.

Having secured the home sector, Pedro held council with his headquarter staff, after many days of debate, Pedro announce to the assembled marines that they would form a new company, the 2nd Crusade company. This will be formed of a mixture of veterans form Rynn’s world and a contingent of Primaris space marines. Their battle barge shall be renamed Byrsa Tyrannus.

While there was still work to do within the Loki sector, the situation throughout the Imperium was equally dire and in many situations considerably more horrifying. The 2nd Crusade Chapter will be sent out to cleanse the heretic and xenos filth from imperial worlds where ever they find it and will set a course for the Imperium Nihilus.

We join the Nihilus Crusade as the Astropaths upon the Byrsa Tyrannus receive a brief distress call from the planet of Citium III. The message is very short and cuts off before an details can be gained.

Captain Hanno orders the crew to set course immediately, upon arrival the crew are unable to make contact with the planet or any of the moon installation’s. Hanno decides to split his forces into multiple patrol’s and investigate key areas and installations; including, Babel the primary hive, The Sidon starport and Byblos the primary moon and its communication installation as well as other military installations on the planet’s surface.

Starting force looks like this:

Lieutenant Xanthippus: Power sword, pistol. Warlord trait: The Imperium’s Sword. Relic: The armour Indomitus. 74 points

Intercessor squad: 5-man, bolt rifle’s, power sword on sergeant. 94 points.

Inceptor Squad: 3-man, Assault bolters. 135 points

Hell blasters: 5man, Plasma Incinerators. 165 points

TOTAL: 468 points.

Here’s a couple of pictures of WIP on my first model, any thoughts and feedback would be greatly appreciated.


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