Tale of # gamers

Hive Fleet Typhon

Hi, I’m pretty new to the community after starting back into 40K last December after a 20 year hiatus. The Tale of Gamers seems like a perfect way for me to get to know more like minded people, get more painting done and give me an excuse to start another army!

Taking part was the easy decision; the hard decision was picking which army to start. Since deciding to take part I have already changed my mind three times but I have finally decided to go with Tyranids. I have always loved the models but I have been slightly put off in the past by the thought of painting hundreds of little gribblies. But after playing against them a few times they just look like such a fun army to play I couldn’t resist. Also, watching both Aliens and Starship Troopers over the last few weeks might have swayed me.

I’ve decided to create my own splinter fleet from Hive Fleet Kraken as I like their colour scheme, lore and the tactics they use. For the first month I have picked up a start collecting box and an extra box of genestealers. This should give me a good basis to build on in later months. I also like the idea of the hive fleets vanguard of a Broodlord and genestelers going ahead of the fleet before the endless hordes arrive.

I’ve written a little snippet of a back story for my splinter fleet which I will add to and develop as we go along. Hopefully this will give the monstrous leaders of my hive fleet a little character and personality

Extract from interrogation of Guardsman Vasquez, Cadian 37th Armoured Division. Survivor of the Battle of Telleran.

“They came from all around us, from everywhere. We held on, just. I think we would have been done for if it wasn’t for them giants [Vasquez refers to the Knights of Eternity Adeptus Astartes Chapter who also fought at Telleran]. Then it came…screeching out of the sky. The size of a fuggin’ Valkyrie! Throne, I’ve seen my fair share over the years but I ain’t seen nothing like that before. It went straight for our guts, straight at the giants. I never thought I would feel sorry for them, but I did then. It ripped into the biggest one there and opened him up like he was a tin of hot chow. Then we run.”

Guardsman Vasquez sentenced to execution for cowardice.

+Knights of Eternity Adeptus Astartes Chapter declared annihilated+

++ Xenos Splinter Fleet codenamed Typhon last location unknown++


My first 500 point list will be:

·         Broodlord

·         7 x Genestealers

·         7 x Genestealers

·         Trygon

Now, I had better get started on the building and painting! Thanks for reading.




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