Tale of # gamers

Forge World Secondis Martis – Narrative

Hi All,

For Tale of # Gamers I am building an Adeptus Mechanicus Army. Tonight I am taking a break from painting to write up some narrative. I want to try and stay away from named characters so that, as the army grows, characters can come to the forefront based on their heroic deeds (or equally acts of unbelievable incompetence). My only guide in doing this is that I want to try and keep the setting on the Eastern Fringe and account for why the army is growing slowly. I hope you enjoy …

Often cut off from the light of the Emperor by violent warp storms, or besieged by Xenos incursions, the Forge World Triplex Phall on the Eastern Fringe has grown accustomed to isolation and in it autonomy. Although loyal to the Fabricator General and devout in its worship of the Machine God, Triplex Phall guards its secrets fiercely. Even delegations from Holy Mars will often return empty handed.

Such secrecy has impelled Mars to permanently station several Skitarri Legions to the Forge World for its ‘protection’ and to ‘escort’ all dispatched Explorator Fleets so that the discovery of archeotech or STC fragments are reported to Mars. My army is the tale of one such Explorator Fleet and its Martian escort, R0X-1011.

R0X-1011 was tasked with the priority reclamation of a newly discovered planet on the Eastern Fringe of the Imperium. At the borders of the Necron and Tau empires, the planet had been determined by the Fabricator General to be the lost Forge World of Erudition Alpha, a planet lost to the Warp over 5 centuries ago.

R0X-1011 would never make its destination however. When Cadia fell and the Great Rift tore across the Galaxy, the fleet and its Martian Escort were destroyed . The majority was simply annihilated whilst that which endured the cataclysm cast into the warp and lost in the immaterium. 

Somehow a few small fragments, consisting mainly of the fleet’s advance scout patrols and outrider detachments, did survive however. Separated from each other, cut off from Terra’s Astropath, and surrounded on all sides by the chaos the warp, these remnants gradually coalesced (at 250 points per month!) around a sole point of sanctuary in an otherwise ravaged sector.

Orbiting a single star, Erudition Alpha, the 2nd planet in the 9 planet system stood, as if by the will of the Machine God, an exact mirror of Mars and the Holy Terra solar system. As the survivors reached the Forge World they found a planet absent of its inhabitants and of organic life, but with factories and automata largely continuing to operate undeterred – the seeming perfection of the Machine God. Choosing to interpret this as the hand of the Omnissiah and ignore more dire conclusions, the survivors renamed the Forge World as Secondis Martis (2nd Mars).

For me, Tale of #Gamers will be the story of their defense of this new world, the fashioning of heroes, and of the uncovering of the Forge World’s true legacy.

If you have any comments I would love to hear them. I hope to get some pictures of my models up shortly.

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