Tale of # gamers

The Exemplars of Bloody Penitence – Tale of # Gamers – Month 1

Day Book (and Personal Record of Self-Mortification) of Company Master Ramiel, Exemplars of Bloody Penitence, Third Company, Dark Angels Chapter.

Entry the First

Reports have reached the Rock of small forces of foul Xenos, heretics, and so-called ‘Judges’ (rank heresy! Only the Emperor may Judge!), mustering across nearby sectors. The Exemplars of Bloody Penitence immediately volunteered to undertake a series of sorties to purge the affected worlds – naturally, with extreme prejudice. Unfortunately, I was confined to my cell for the duration of the first such action, following an ill-judged session of extreme self-flagellation. After putting in an urgent requisition order for a new and improved adamantine-studded twelve-tailed scourge, I instructed Company Librarian Forfax to cleanse the planetoid of Esteban Tertius, where a small incursion of Chaos Daemons had reportedly taken place. On arrival, Librarian Forfax was somewhat surprised to confront a Major Daemon of Tzeentch. The foul creature seemed to be seeking to secure some sort of precursor artefact, to be used no doubt for its own unspeakable transformative purposes.

Librarian Forfax proceeded to establish a gun line of tactical and Hellblaster marines, using ancient weapons procured from the Rock’s armoury. A small outrider squad of Ravenwing bikers was also deployed. However, the cursed minions of the Lord of Change sought to complicate this rather simple set-piece action, in a display of vile animal cunning. A small swarm of ravening Blue Horrors succeeding in hampering the operations of the Hellblasters by engaging them in close combat. Meanwhile, their swine-Pink brethren – Yea! With much supplementary Smiting from the accursed Lord of Change! – eliminated our bikers in short order. Of course, once our gun line had cleansed the Blue Horrors in hand-to-hand combat and moved into full salvo-fire mode, it quickly purged the Lord of Change with fiery gouts of blessed plasma. Our marines voiced their sincere approval, while engaging in brief acts of self-mortification to instill the proper spirit of penitential modesty.

Yet the Pink Horrors proved stubbornly resilient: the more we killed, the more poured in through a rent in the fabric of reality to replenish their number. The nauseating spawn of Tzeentch thus secured the precursor artefact, and will no doubt use it in the months that follow to strengthen their number. Our losses were but small, and all gene-seed has been retrieved. Nevertheless, Librarian Forfax has undertaken to bite the incipient stalactites from the roof of his cell, as an aid to deeper reflection upon his failings and inner weaknesses. This will no doubt also necessitate a vow of silence on his part and several visits to the Chapter’s Dental Reconstruction Brethren. Meanwhile, rumours have reached us of a Fallen sleeper agent embedded within an Inquisition force operating on the planet Melthus IV. Librarian Forfax is to pause in his interior decoration duties, in order to sally forth once more, to root out this ancient heresy forthwith, before it comes to the attention of other Chapters.

Be Pure! Be Vigilant! Behave!’


Assembling the Exemplars of Bloody Penitence

I’m using Tale of # Gamers as motivation to get a bunch of miniatures from my stockpile out of boxes and onto the gaming table.  Although I’ve got marines dating back to my old Rogue Trader days, I’ve never played a marine army, so putting together a Dark Angels force is totally new to me. The bulk of the Exemplars of Bloody Penitence is going to be made up of units from starter boxed sets. And some Deathwing Knights…

The boxed sets don’t come with many options, so moving up in points each month is going to require a bit of thought. Most of my flexibility will come from varying the weapons load-out on my footsloggers, which will mean having some extra infantry models to swap in and out of squads. I’ve painted up a few metal Rogue Trader marines for this purpose. Later on, I’ll be able to get a bit more flexibility by varying my HQ deployment and the loadout on my vehicles/dreadnought.

My son also wants to join in the fun, with some Chaos Daemons – the Day Book entry above is based on a 500 pts game we played this weekend. The Exemplars lost badly on victory points, despite almost tabling the Daemons – gah! I have a game scheduled for tonight at The Duke against some Inquisitors, so I worked that into the narrative too.

I’m aiming to paint everything to a good tabletop standard, but without aiming for perfection. Here is my first batch of tactical marines, plus an HQ, Librarian Forfax, lurking at the back, a bit embarrassed by his first defeat. I need to get 5 Hellblasters and 3 bikers finished by the end of the month. Then on to something heavy for May’s 250 pts – maybe some heavy weapons for the tactical squads, and some Terminators?



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