Tale of # gamers

Waaagh Gobskar.

The year was 1989. A young boy sees a board game in his mum’s home shopping catalogue. That game was Heroquest. That, along with Fighting Fantasy books, was this young boy’s first foray into the worlds of Games Workshop.

Next there was Space Hulk, and the love for 40K began.

Fast forward to 1997. Gorkamorka arrives like a space hulk hitting a planet, and so begins the love for the Ork race. This young man had found his calling.

The year is 2018. The young boy I used to be is now 43, and the love of Orks is still as strong as ever. So begins the story of Gobskar and the beginnings of a mighty Waaagh!

Vanguard detachment +1 CP

Big Mek Gobskar – kustom mega-blasta, power klaw, kustom force field.

Painboy – power klaw.

Meganobz mob – 3 meganobz with kombi-skorchas, power klaws.

Nobz mob – 4 nobs, including 1 power klaw, 1 big choppa, and boss nob with cybork body.

Boyz mob – a mob of 10 boyz with sluggas and choppas.

The idea behind this is to make a small and hopefully hard hitting army to begin with. As the months go on it is my aim to expand on the number of boyz, and to start including my many converted vehicles.



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