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Secondis Martis – Painting Progress

Hi All,

Today I am posting my work towards the first 500 points of my Tale of # Gamers Army; Forge World Secondis Martis.

I spent quite some time looking at alternative colour schemes but, as you can see, in the end settled happily for the standard red cloaks with white trim and a Martian Iron Earth base.

I really enjoy painting red and whilst I would have liked something more unique, I struggled to find something I liked. I already have a blue / green army (Deathskull Orks) and I didn’t fancy painting white or yellow to a Tale of # Gamers schedule. Black was a close 2nd but I just haven’t been able to achieve good edge highlights on black yet.




img_20180411_222751.jpgI’ve tried to paint these models differently from my usual approach, if only to be quicker. I am a very slow painter! I normally use cans of Halfords spray primer but don’t have access to a garden and it always seems to be raining! The models are primed using an airbrush primer brushed on. At first it looks terrible but as it dries it shrinks. You just have to be careful not dilute it too much or shake the bottle as it creates bubbles.  I was really happy with how it worked and it makes the models smell sort of fruity too.

I also gave both dry brushing and wet blending a go for the first time. Again this was really just for speed but my attempts at wet blending, whilst very heavy handed, were very fun. It’s rare to be able to slop paint around when painting minis.

Anyway, please let me know what you think. The models still require highlighting and various bits and bobs finishing but I am pretty happy with them.

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