Tale of # gamers

Tin Men: “They’re alive!”

On the bridge of the Imperial military exploration vessel ‘Devine Emperor’, orbiting the planet Yahton III, Captain Davos turned towards the comms station. His attention had been caught by the activity of the young adept manning the planetary relay comms.

“What is it, Adept?” Davos asked.

The young adept manning the station looked up at the captain, removed his headset and said “It’s the exploration detail sir. They are not answering calls following their earlier failure to check in. The long-range scanners and communications gear functionality has become haphazard and is subject to interference”

“Why was I not advised of these communications failures? This mission is of the utmost importance – these outlying systems are strategically important, and it is imperative that we establish a presence here! Get a ship ready…I’ll take a team down there myself!”


The ship came to land near the last reported location of the planetary exploration team. Davos and his team walked down the ramp. The sight that greeted them was of an encampment in the shadow of a large rock outcrop…but eerily deserted.

“Run scans sergeant” Davos said to the Astra militarum sergeant, whose men had accompanied him to the planet surface, “they can’t be far.”

“I can’t sir” came the reply. “The minute I turned my device on it ceased to….”

The sergeant’s words tailed off, as suddenly and from nowhere, a shaft of green light obliterated Davos where he stood. From the light, mechanoid warriors walked forth…and the last thing the sergeant saw was one of the creatures raising its weapon towards him…


So…it turns out that boring evenings in hotel rooms when you’re away with work aren’t that boring, if you take models and paints with you!

My previous post presented my list, so having worked that out I cracked on with build and construction (pics of the build process on previous post). At the start of last week (Monday 9th April), I had everything built…and made the decision that I’d go gold / brass with verdigris (despite the fact that the “traditional” Necron paint scheme was one of the things I liked about them. So, before I headed off to Leeds for work I used the GW Retributor Armour spray to liberally douse all the models in some new shiny duds.

Step 2 was a heavy wash with Agrax Earthshade (hallowed be its name),  after which gluing green rods to weapons, Steel Legion Drab & Agrellan Earth bases plus Nihilakh Oxide for a verdigris effect didn’t take too long at all (plus a few bits of detail here and there). The finishing touch being some dead looking grass to go with the very parched earth they’re based on…job’s a good ‘un!  By the end of last week, my company’s Leeds office had nearly a kilometer of new ethernet cabling and some shiny new patch panels and switches…and my little plastic robot dudes had come to life!

Here’s a few pics…hope you like them. Looking forward to getting these guys on a table soon, and have the next 250 points planned out already! Bwahahahahahaha….

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