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Rise of the Wraith Guard: Month 1

So with month 1 of the tale of gamers coming to close here are my random musings on the Eldar and my 500 point army.

Before starting this campaign I’ve had a desire to build an eldar wraith list for a while so the getting started box seemed a great start.  This is the list I ended up with for month 1.

Craftworld: Iyanden

HQ: Spiritseer

Troop: 10 Guardians with shuriken cannon

Heavy: Wraithlord with twin shuriken cannons, ghost glaive & dual shuriken catapults

Elite:Wraithguard with wraith cannons

I went with a custom paint scheme mainly because I couldn’t bring myself to paint a yellow Iyanden army (and secondly allows me to cheese, picking whatever craft world I want). For the purpose of tale of games it will be Iyanden through and through.

I made an attempt at re-posing the wraithlord so that it is more dynamic than the static pose it comes with out of the box.  I am pretty pleased with how it turned out for my first attempt any any sort of posing.


I had some great fun games against some great armies and opponents.  There was some good rolling and some bad rolling but the Eldar were ultimately triumphant .  There were a couple of moments that I felt a bit dirty playing Eldar and felt for my opponents.  The high toughness proved invaluable at this points level and too much for some lists to counteract.  As the points move up I think it will start to swing and become more balanced.

What worked well

Wraithguard are super resilient at 500 points with 3 wounds, T6 and 3+ save they are tough to shift.  This is counteracted by their short range weaponry that I have been circumventing using their deep strike stratagem.  The FAQ changed how that plays on the table but dropping them in turn 2 still works well.  This did mean all ranged fire power ended up going into the Wraithlord.

Wraithlord if he gets in he is putting out the pain but is very susceptible to being surrounded as exposed by Scott and his primaris. However at T8 and the Iyanden trait he can take some punishment while still remaining fully functional. Being the only heavy armour in the list he was the focus of all the anti tank but his toughness saved his ass (and some bad rolling by Scott and his hell blasters).

What didn’t work so well

To be honest, I don’t think anything in this list (or Eldar as a whole) is a weak link.  I am starting to see why they rank high in the competitive scene.

Guardians, I struggled to use these guys with 12 inch range weapons I think they need to be played aggressively.  More practice needed with these guys.

Range, this list doesn’t have a great deal of range or movement that I need to address as the points increase.

What’s next for the Eldar

Next up is to bulk out the troop slot with some rangers and an additional HQ to make a battalion so that I can make use of the eldar stratagems.

HQ: Farseer Skyrunner

Troop: 2 x 5 Rangers

I hope this will give me a bit of board control and movement with the Farseer allowing him to get to where his powers need to be.  Beyond that on to month 3 it will likely be more wraith constructs.


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