Tale of # gamers

Tale of # Gamers: One more step along the Waaagh I go

Ok so I didn’t manage to have my 500 points fully painted. In fact it was a struggle to get all of the modelling done in time. If I am honest it seems unlikely that I will have it all painted when it come to the final month but I shall soldier on regardless.

What I have done is convert up all my vehicles at have a crack at starting to paint up my boys. I also managed to get two games in, both of which I lost by a whisker. A bit of a narrative write up of the first one can be found here: https://bristolvanguard.com/2018/04/26/tale-of-gamers-gobshite-goes-to-waaagh/

I have changed my army from the one I was going to make when I started the month. Rather than have two mobs of Boys in Trukks I opted for 1 big mob in a Battlewagon. I reckon that any self respecting Ork would rather sit in a bigger, louder, dakkaier hunk of metal with more of their mates. On the up side it also meant one less vehicle to convert and one less to paint. I have put some pictures below.

For May I am intending on adding another Battlewagon with some Boys to form the fighty core of my army. I might throw some Grots in too if I am feeling saucy. I have also got a bit of an eye on the future shape of my Warband. I will probably end up being Evil Suns because after all who else is going to end up with some many vehicles but I am a bit torn by Deffskulls because of their predilection for looting. I will proceed on the base of Red Ones Go Fasta but some retconning may occur when a Codex appears.

The Good

The Warboss has been really dead choppy and chopped a lot of things dead.

The Boys were instrumental in keeping me in my first game but I cunningly ran them into a wall of pulse rifles in my 2nd game and all 19 were wiped in a single turn

The Battlewagon is tough and can hurt things pretty badly in combat but is a terrible shot and ultimately is a bit over priced.

The Bad

Rokkit Warbuggies don’t really have a place at 500 points and they really are not very good in combat despite having a decent WS. I think bigger games will help find a place I being annoying more to my opponent and less to me.

The Ugly

All of them, they are Orks after all.

In general Orks are really fun to play and pull you into the spirit of them but they are Waaghing out for a Codex.

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