Tale of # gamers

Waaagh Gobskar moves like a glacier.

“Wotcha mean der’s a problem?” Big Mek Gobskar grunted at the lesser meks.

One stepped forward slowly, its huge head hung low.

“Dem engines ain’t workin’ boss. We’ze going nowhere”.

Gobskar scowled, and swung one massive meaty fist at the mek. The mek crumpled to the ground twenty feet away, and did not rise, his neck broken.

” Anyone else wanna tell me we’ze can’t leave?”

The others looked at each other, and shook their heads. Another stepped up to take the brunt of Gobskar’s anger. 

“We’ze almost got da engines workin’. We just needs a few more gubbins an’ a little time”.

” Time? Time?! Dem boys are gettin’ restless. We gotta waaagh to git to. Time wasted on dis rock is time we’ze not bashin’ ‘eads” 

The meks hung their heads as Gobskar’s fury washed over them like an angry tide. They were all feeling the strain of being stranded on this planet. A place so insignificant it bore no name. The hulk they had travelled across half the galaxy on had emerged from the warp, and had immediately ended up in the gravity well of this rock. Planetfall was inevitable and unavoidable. They were all anxious to get back to the mighty waaagh.

“You’ze got two weeks ta get us off dis rock”, Gobskar snarled. ” Now git ta work!”

This first month didn’t go quite according to plan. I didn’t quite get my boys painted in time, and I didn’t get to play a game. Hopefully that will change this month, although without playing a game with the force I have, I am unsure which areas I am lacking in, so don’t know which direction to take for the next 250 points.

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