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A Tale of # Gamers: The Pallid Host – First Month Recap


Hi, welcome to the next post in my blog for Tale of # Gamers

First off a huge thank you to everyone who has got involved with this Tale series, its been really satisfying to see loads of people posting to the website, sharing their painting and their fluff. Especially the fluff, there has been some great introductions to peoples armies.

So how has the pallid host faired in their first month? Not as well as I had hopped on the hobby front, but for reasons that I am totally ok with.

I had a bit of a gaming weekend hosted at my place this month, for which I decided to fully paint the Warhammer Quest: Shadows over Hammerhall board game, plus a few extra beasties to pad out the monster roster. With that accomplished, and its a great game to play for those who have not, i don’t feel too bad about only managing to complete a unit of plague bearers for the Tale. I will catch up next month, probably. If I don’t divert to get a last minute army ready for Vanquish….

The List I ended up running, after the price of nurgle trees went up, allot, was:

Patrol Detachment

HQ: Hoticulous Slimux

HQ: Nurgle Herald

Troops: 12 Plaguebearer

Elites: 2 Beasts of Nurgle

Fast Attack: 3 Plague Drone

And here is how i did with the painting, first up the completed (except for snow on the bases) plaguebearers and Herald:

I like how these are looking, my theme for this nurgle band is that they celebrate the cycle of life and decay rather than any aspect, so I’ve got all the hues (ie green / purple washes!) in there then due to the planet they are on they are all being drained of vibrancy so i tried to unite them in a pale / white layering and dry brushing.

Not finished, but some WIP shots of the other units on the painting desk:

I had a great game vs Dickie and his Orcs and ended up victorious (Just!). At the end of the game only Horticulous was left alive on the battlefield. That’s ok though, plenty of corpses to try and get Nurgles garden started on a new world. Orcs make great compost as it turns out.

Little bit of fluff i made up for my introduction

Nurgle Pic 1

Looking forward to next month, I will mostly be fleshing out my nurgle units. More plaguebearers, more plague drones, and a sprinkling of nurglings.

nurgle banner


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