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Iron Fists: The Tempered Host

The air was still thin here from where the viewports had blown out, so Baloq Vandar went helmeted, staring out across the mountain range that was the Gauntlet Avenger’s dorsal batteries. Bright pinpricks sat low to the artificial horizon like rising planets, the engine signatures of the strike cruiser’s escorts, ranging ahead of the ship as it limped on sub-lights through the system’s outer reaches.

 “My Captain, reports from the forward decks: Resource Expenditure, System Condition data, Gene Seed recovery rates, Engineerium’s Assessments.” A serf, slumped in a chittering cogit-coracle rumbled on thin tracks behind him, the air briefly hissing as data-streams passed between systems.

“Word from Navigator Tessar?” Vandar didn’t turn.

“Positive. Uploading co-ordinates, approximated for lack of Sol-calibration.”

“The Eastern Fringe…”

“Positive, in excess of twenty-thousand light years distant from initial outset point.” The serf started a little at the hashing staccato of noises blurting from the captain’s vox. It was as Vandar unclasped the helmet seals that it was apparent he was laughing, a hoarse low chuckle, rough around the edges as if it hadn’t been used in decades.

“I shall give the Navigator your congratulations when his sanity returns.” The serf clipped, retreating quickly from the observation blister.



The Tale of Gamers event has finally prompted me to commit to a narrative campaign or similar events, and given I am a rampant fluff-writer for my Iron Fists, the idea of a blog seems like a good one. So bear with me while I exposit an origin story or two.

I can’t put a date on when I first discovered Warhammer, but can place it at about 2004-5. I was introduced to it by my brother, as I was only about 7 or 8 at the time. Unfortunately, my first model is lost to history and the wasteland of an old bitz box. I played the Battle for Macragge box set once or twice, but it never enthused me much, but I still collected the models a little, with my own paint scheme to boot (a little on that later.)

I started playing in 2010, (slap bang in the middle of 5th edition) as a club started gaining traction at my school. Was a mixed experience overall as overcompetitiveness, emotional immaturity and Matt Ward’s infamous codices took their toll, but I kept the hobby up for the next four or five years until Uni, where I am now. 8th edition has brought me back into the game in a big way, especially now I’ve found comfortable gaming circles to play in.

My Iron Fists started on the Dawn of War army painter, going by the logic of “Hey, there’s already two types of Fists out there, I’m sure a third would be fine.” So I played with some bodged conversions and some push-fit marines plastered in Boltgun metal for a while, before the 5th edition codex revealed the existance of a canon chapter called the Iron Fists, with fairly similar colour scheme. So I mashed the two together, and began building lore around any titbits I could scavenge online. Nowadays, one of my greatest fear is running into another Iron Fists player and having to explain      my crimes.

Below is the five hundred point core of my Tale of Gamers force, composed mostly of newer stuff I never got round to painting. The army represents a mish-mash of forces from the chapter’s first and third company, arriving in the eastern fringes after getting somewhat marmalized during the Stygius Crusade in the galactic north. I’ve got some works in progress for the following reinforcement waves, with a large infantry influx, couple of light vehicles and a Redemptor. Pics to follow soon!



Third Captain Vandar:  Captain, Bolter (Relic: The Primarch’s Wrath), Power Fist – 89pts (5PL)


Squad Volta : 5 Tactical Marines; Sergeant with Thunder Hammer & Combi-melta – 109pts (5PL)


Squad Morlock: 3 Tartaros Terminators, Paired Lightning Claws – 129pts (13PL)

Squad Aponak: 5 Sternguard Veterans, Flamer – 92pts (7PL)


Irontide: Razorback, Twin Heavy Bolters 82pts (5PL)


I will be posting pictures of the force on this blog as we go, as and when I complete units/models.

Let’s start off with Captain Baloq Artressius Vandar, the Sapphire Hammer and the Rolling Thunder of the Third Company.






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