Tale of # gamers

Tardy Tin Men!

What’s that you say? To#G Month 2, 15 days in already and no blog post yet? Lazy bar-steward!

Apologies for the laxness but there’s been a few things on my radar of late. I also sadly didn’t manage a game with month 1’s 500 points. The death of a close friend and rugby teammate, some financial upheaval causing problems, as well as work being manic have all contributed in their own “unique” ways…I digress however. The show must go on.

The recent FAQ, to which I have paid v little attention to and most certainly haven’t read very much of was very positive in a number of ways from what I hear…especially in making a battalion detachment now +5cp. Recent gaming experience (well, rolling dice ineptly anyway…) has shown just how vital it can be to have as many CPs knocking about as possible for stratagems, re-rolls and the like.  So, the objective for this month will be to get from being a patrol detachment to a battalion.

When I started this, I purchased a “Start Collecting” box (the old one with a Triarch Stalker) and Illuminor Szeras, as my last month’s entries will show. However,  I also bought someone’s Necron half of Forgebane plus a further set of Immortals from Forgebane…so two squads of Immortals plus the Overlord from the start collecting box that I haven’t used yet, all very nicely takes me up the next 250 point rung of the ladder. There’s some tweaking to the Necron Warriors squad, taking it down to 10 from last month’s 11 to make it fit in to 750 points, but that’s a small consideration. He’ll be back (pun intended) next month!

So…11 models (Overlord plus 2x 5 Immortals), 16 days…go! (watch this space!)


A brief note:

As I do not intend to enter “Spoils”, and rarely play games bigger than 1k / 1.5k points, NEXT month’s entry will likely be the last for this army for a while. My intentions are to take it to “Fun Night” size and slightly beyond, as that’s where my gaming mojo is at, and occasionally add or tweak thereafter. Perhaps then I’ll blog about monthly addition to the other forces I’m growing out of my bits box (a necessity…more on that another time!)

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