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Secondis Martis – Painting Progress

Hi All, Today I am posting my work towards the first 500 points of my Tale of # Gamers Army; Forge World Secondis Martis. I spent quite some time looking at alternative colour schemes but, as you can see, in the end settled happily for the standard red cloaks with white trim and a Martian… Continue reading Secondis Martis – Painting Progress

Tale of # gamers

Forge World Secondis Martis – Narrative

Hi All, For Tale of # Gamers I am building an Adeptus Mechanicus Army. Tonight I am taking a break from painting to write up some narrative. I want to try and stay away from named characters so that, as the army grows, characters can come to the forefront based on their heroic deeds (or… Continue reading Forge World Secondis Martis – Narrative

Tale of # gamers

The Exemplars of Bloody Penitence – Tale of # Gamers – Month 1

Day Book (and Personal Record of Self-Mortification) of Company Master Ramiel, Exemplars of Bloody Penitence, Third Company, Dark Angels Chapter. Entry the First Reports have reached the Rock of small forces of foul Xenos, heretics, and so-called ‘Judges’ (rank heresy! Only the Emperor may Judge!), mustering across nearby sectors. The Exemplars of Bloody Penitence immediately… Continue reading The Exemplars of Bloody Penitence – Tale of # Gamers – Month 1