How to Blog here

The reason we have set the website and the blogs up is to build a community resource for people share their hobby with each other and help new and existing member to keep up to date with what is going on. With that in mind we welcome blog contributions from anyone.

If you are new to WordPress blogs (the service that hosts this website) don’t worry, we have made a handy step by step guide on how to register, apply for privileges and use the tools to make a blog. Check it out at this link:

Vanguard Blog Help and Rules v1.01

It should also go without saying, but sometimes it helps to lay it out. Here are the Rules for contributing to the blog here:

  1. All content published to the website should be appropriate for all members of our community. No offensive language or images. No adult only content. The administrators reserve the right to determine what is appropriate and edit or remove anything as needed. Repeat offenders will lose the privileges to post.
  2. All content published to the website should be vaguely relevant. Talking about events, hobby progress, army plans, card games, board games, rpgs, anything like that is great. Talking about the best car to transport your models to an event is getting a bit off topic. Talking about cars in general is not on topic.
  3. No for sale listings. There are other places to sell your models or services, please do not use this website for that.