Blood Bowl

Bristol has had a number of different Blood Bowl Clubs and league organisers in the past, including University of West of England, Bristol Lincoln Barn, the old Bristol Vanguard Club night (which then gave birth to Bristol Vanguard Gert Bowl Tournament) and the smaller Cut and Thrust league. Today however the community is most actively represented by BUBBA.

Bristol Ultimate Blood Bowl Association (BUBBA) was formed when Cut and Thrust was the home to Bristol Blood Bowl. When the store closed, and the Vanguard store was opened; as a club we were in a little exile, as going to a central pub was cheaper to the Blood Bowl lot than what the store offered.

The BUBBA name is now associated with many bubbaof the players who attend tournaments and as well as its purpose to teaching new and returning players of the game. We pretty much form a group to travel together and hopefully play well together as seen in recent years with the individual and team tournaments that have been signed up too. Our league continues very well each session and we look forward to our regular meet ups down the Old Duke on Kings Street Bristol. Games are also arranged at Bristol Independent Gaming.

If you want to find out more about the community; post up on the Facebook Group “BUBBA Bristol Blood Bowl Community”; if you want to see the League Activities check out the bubba league website.


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