Club Constitution

The Bristol Vanguard Constitution, agreed by the committee and voted in by a majority at the 2014 AGM, is as follows. Amendment or addition to the constitution can be proposed by any club member in advance of a club meeting.

1. Identity and purpose

1.1 The organisation is called Bristol Vanguard (the Club).

1.2 The Club is a non-profit organisation, which exists to organise, support and promote table top gaming in Bristol.

1.3 The Club maintains an active presence on social media, (the Website) and (the Forum).

2. Membership

2.1 Membership is available to anyone over the age of 18. Becoming a member requires a one-off payment of £5 and the provision of contact details to a Committee member.

2.2 Membership grants a 10% discount to Vanguard events and, if available, a free Club t-shirt or dice set.

2.3 An annual ‘Roll Call’ will be carried out in order to determine active members, gaming preferences and confirm contact details.

3. Meetings

3.1 The Club will hold an Annual General Meeting (AGM) once a year to which all members are welcome. The location, time and date of an AGM will be advertised approximately two weeks in advance by an email to members and posting on the Website forum, website and social media. Members are responsible for informing the Committee of any changes to contact details. At least two members of the Committee must be present for an official AGM, barring special circumstances where this is impossible after all best endeavors.

3.2 Each AGM will include (as a minimum) a report from the Chairman on Club activities over the year, a report from the Treasurer on Club finances and the election of a new Committee.

3.3 Other meetings may be held throughout the year and will either be ‘Club meetings’ or ‘Committee meetings.

3.3a Club meetings will be advertised in the same manner as AGMs. All members of the Club are welcome.

3.3b Committee meetings will be organised on an ad hoc basis by the Committee members. Committee meetings are open only to Committee members. At least half of the Committee including the Chairman must be present at a Committee meeting in order to reach quorum.

3.4 A Club meeting can be requested by members to cover specific issues as they arise. At least two members must make the request in order for a meeting to be arranged, the Committee will then ensure that a meeting is held or that the issue is discussed at the next Club meeting. Given the comparatively informal nature of the Club, meetings will be set up in reasonable timescales. The Committee may veto these requests with good reason.

3.5 Reserved issues: The election of Committee members must be made at an AGM or, in the case of Committee members retiring in-between AGMs, at Club meetings. If a Club meeting is to involve the election of a Committee member, this must be promoted alongside the meeting. Given the ‘lifelong’ nature of membership, membership can only be revoked at a Club meeting by a majority vote of those present.

4. The Committee

4.1 The Committee will consist of at least a Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary. In addition, there may also be Committee positions who represent specific game systems or assets. All positions are agreed and elected at the Club AGM.

4.2 The Chairman has responsibility for: overall management of the Club, ensuring each Committee member carries out their responsibilities appropriately, reporting Club activities at the AGM.

4.3 The Treasurer has responsibility for: control of payments to or by the Club, reporting accounts at the AGM.

4.4 The Secretary has responsibility for: taking notes at Club or Committee meetings, distributing meeting notes to Club members, promoting Club meetings and preparing a regular Club newsletter.

4.5 System Representatives have responsibility for: being a liaison between relevant Club members and the Committee, a general understanding of the system they represent, championing and promoting the system.

4.6 Other positions may have a responsibility for: the website, supporting or running events and any other responsibilities as required by the Club.
4.7 Committee decisions: Any decision involving the Club, which has not otherwise been reserved for the Committee (see 3.5), will be made by the Committee. Where a clear consensus cannot be reached amongst Committee members, the Chairman has final decision making power.

4.8 Liability: Any financial or legal liability incurred by Committee members in the rightful exercise of their responsibilities will not be a personal liability but will be the responsibility of the Club as a whole.

  1. Assets

5.1 The Club assets (consisting of terrain, gaming boards, funds and the Website) belong to the members. Their use is directed by the Committee.

5.2 Certain Club assets are retained by the members responsible for providing them.

7. Discrimination and abuse

7.1 Club members (and visiting non-members to Club events) will at all times adhere to the following standards of behavior:

7.2a There will be no verbal or physical abuse (including threats of violence) of any other or visiting non-member.

7.2b There will be no discrimination of any kind by any member or visiting non-member towards any other person at the club meetings. This includes but is not limited to discrimination on grounds of: class; ethnic origin, nationality (or statelessness), or race; gender; age; sexual orientation; mental or physical ability; political or religious belief.

7.2c As the Website is a Club asset, these standards extend to non-members on the forum.

7.3 The Committee (as a whole) is to determine when there have been breaches to these standards of behavior. In the first instance of behavior a warning will be issued along with either forum suspension and/or a ban from Club ran events for a duration determined by the Committee. In second instance, or extreme one-off action, these suspensions or bans can be made permanent. Removal of ‘member’ status is reserved as a Club decisions under 3.5.

6. Events

6.1 The Club currently runs two major Warhammer 40,000 tournaments a year (Vanquish in the Spring and Spoils of War in the Autumn) a major Blood Bowl tournament a year (Gertbowl in July). The Club also holds smaller tournaments throughout the year.

6.2 All members are welcome to run events on behalf as ‘Bristol Vanguard’ events. This must be carried out with the approval of the Committee who will support events. Members seeking to hold events may be requested to mindful of other events that are already being organised.