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Secondis Martis – Painting Progress

Hi All, Today I am posting my work towards the first 500 points of my Tale of # Gamers Army; Forge World Secondis Martis. I spent quite some time looking at alternative colour schemes but, as you can see, in the end settled happily for the standard red cloaks with white trim and a Martian… Continue reading Secondis Martis – Painting Progress

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Vanguard Hobby – Basing Models

So, for my first post to the Bristol Vanguard blog, I’m writing a hobby article! I’ve had a few queries from people as to how I’ve done my bases recently, so I thought I’d do a step-by-step guide. I’ve based these on some other nice bases I’ve seen around and other DIY articles online that… Continue reading Vanguard Hobby – Basing Models