Bristol Vanguard runs a number of events throughout the year for a wide range of games systems. See the event pages below for more information.

We are always looking to add more events to the calendar so if you are interested in helping run vanguard events check out the How to Run a Vanguard event Page.



Welcome to  Vanquish 2018, the 11th annual Vanquish Tournament hosted by the Bristol Vanguard, and hopefully the best to date as we have arguably the best version of Warhammer 40K within the 8th Edition ruleset to accompany an ever growing selection of cool toy soldiers to battle with in your quest for something shiny that… Continue reading VANQUISH 2018

Spoils of War 2018

What: A narrative 40k campaign weekend

When: October 27th and 28th 2018

Where: Bristol Independent Gaming

Rules Pack Available Now

Vae Victus 2018

What: A friendly 1 day 40k event with small forces using unique missions and detachment restrictions designed to favor troops based armies. . When: ?? Feb 2018 Where: Bristol Independent Gaming Rules Pack Coming Soon

Doubles Rumble 2018

Welcome to Bristol Vanguard’s second 40k Doubles Rumble event page. Fun doubles is an event that prioritises everyones enjoyment over Win At All Cost behaviors, and with random pairings each round everyone will be kept on their toes throughout the day. What: Three games of 1,600 points a side Warhammer 40,000 RANDOM doubles (800 per… Continue reading Doubles Rumble 2018

Vanguard Assembles: A Tale of # Gamers

An idea born from the enthusiasm of the thriving Vanguard Fun Night community, the club will be encouraging people to participate in a Tale of # Gamers event from April to October this year.