Vanguard Assembles: A Tale of # Gamers


An idea born from the enthusiasm of the thriving Vanguard Fun Night community, the club will be encouraging people to participate in a Tale of # Gamers event from April to October this year.

zwhite dwarfWhat is a Tale of # Gamers?

 The initial Tale of Four Gamers originally appeared in White Dwarf from issues 218-223. Since then there has been numerous variations ran by white dwarf, games workshop stores, Wargaming clubs, groups of friends and the internet at large.

At the heart of the idea is that a group of people decide they are going to start a new army, or revive / expand an existing one, and they all agree to talk about their choices, share their progress and play some games together.


What Army Shall I Build?

Anything you like! zcodex

Perhaps you have a lonely pile of sprues in a cupboard that have not seen the light of day (well more likely phosphorescent glow of a gaming room) that could provide the seed to a new force, or perhaps one of the great Start Collecting boxes has drawn your eye, or you know someone who you could split a starter box with.

How Will it Work?

Each month you will aim to add to your growing force, paint more models and play more games. All the while sharing the experience with the club and hopefully inspiring others to join or keep their own progress up.

There are targets and rewards presented here to encourage people but remember that they are only meant to be guides, the end of the day to get the most out of this grow at whatever pace suits you best and remain active in the vanguard community.


Achieving each Goal will reward 1 point and we will keep a table updated as an indication of who is actively growing their forces, there may even be prizes!

Can I forge a narrative while building up my forces?

Yes! Running alongside the Tale of # Gamers will be The Road to Spoils, a light touch narrative campaign that will serve as a build up to the Vanguard narrative campaign weekend, Spoils of War. Coincidently held in late October and coincidently requiring an army of the exact size A Tale of # Gamers will culminate at.

Each month, starting in April, a briefing pack will be released that includes a story update and a mission appropriate to be played with your Tale of # Gamers force.

Furthermore players who share their results and the exploits of their forces in the campaign will be invited to add to the story as we build up to spoils. Perhaps naming and building the story of worlds, warzones, relics (spoils loves a good relic!) and important plot figures.

But I don’t play Warhammer 40,000 can I still join in?

Probably! While the narrative and suggested goals are certainly entrenched in the grim darkness of the 41st millennium, the underlying principle of growing a collection of models and sharing your progress with the community is not. Want to paint some tiny world war tanks? Or space ships? Or a collection of fiendish villains to crush the hopes and dreams of your table of role players? Go for it, people love seeing hobby in all its painted forms.