Soils of War: Tell us Things

Before the event we would like to know what factions you are planning to bring (to plan story and teams and whatnot) and whether you are interested in participating in Titanic scale battles. These would replace an ordinary game but would be a unique mission that pitted the biggest titanic units brought by everyone in an epic battle for supremacy.

When we would like to know things:

More than 3 months in advance  (June or before ):

  • An idea of what factions you are thinking of bringing (optional and you can change your mind!)
  • Expressions of interest for the Titanic battles.

No later than 1 month in advance:

  • Your final faction choices
  • Your confirmation on whether you want to participate in titanic battles and if so the units you would bring.

But what if i only decide I’m coming 1 week before the event!

That’s fine, last minute attendees are of course welcome. The more the merrier. It just helps the planning of the weekend if we know what some (most hopefully!) of the players are planning.

How Can I tell you these things?

You can email the club at

You can tell us on the facebook event page

You can use the convenient web form here (which essentially emails the club for you!)