The Road to Spoils of War

This year we are trying something a little new. The story background story of Spoils and the eastern fringe will be developed through a prequel narrative campaign. It will tell the tale of the new forces gathered by various factions in the eastern fringe in advance of the discovery of the Hive Fleet and deal with the efforts to scout and find the origins of this strange tyranid tendril.

This aligns with the Tale of # Gamers even being run by bristol vanguard. People are welcome to join in (even if not local to bristol), simply read along each month or remain blissfully ignorant as they see fit. The pack for each month will be published on this page as they become available.

Chapter 1 (April, 500 Points) – Click here for the Pack

Chapter 2 (May 750 Points)

You can report on you games by emailing the club (, using the contact form below or posting on our face book page