40K_8th_2Welcome to  Vanquish 2018, the 11th annual Vanquish Tournament hosted by the Bristol Vanguard, and hopefully the best to date as we have arguably the best version of Warhammer 40K within the 8th Edition ruleset to accompany an ever growing selection of cool toy soldiers to battle with in your quest for something shiny that hopefully even you significant other won’t mind proudly placing on a mantel piece or book shelf for all to see.

In line with 8th Edition, Vanquish has rewritten it’s tournament rules, in the aim to present a competition to challenge all players regardless of your experience or competitive drive. As always, this is done within the army composition where we encourage and reward a more balanced approach to list building and steer away from the typical net lists. Also, are Vanquish’s staple Secret Objectives which add an extra layer of tactics and, if achieved, will contribute to your over all tournament score and finally, with a focussed emphasis on model scores that seek to raise the standards of painted armies and so make each game as enjoyable a spectacle to watch as they are to play.

Also, Vanquish wouldn’t be Vanquish without awesome looking gaming tables to battle on and 2018 is no exception as we’ll have new and improved additions to The Bristol Vanguard’s already familiar themed gaming tables

What: Vanguards Annual 40k tournament

When: 2nd & 3rd June 2018

Where: Bristol Independent Gaming

VANQUISH 2018 rulespack – BIG FAQ 1 Revision

Printer friendly VANQUISH 2018 rulespack – BIG FAQ 1 Revision


VANQUISH 2018 Entrants