VANQUISH 2018…A Monumental Task…


Greetings Vanguardians and fellow gamers,

With Vanquish 2018 less than two months away I thought I’d start to showcase the multiple WIPs that I’m currently working on in order to give many of our gaming tables a fresh 8th Ed revamp!

if you are a Vanguard event vet then you will be familiar with the array of themed gaming boards present at Vanquish, Spoils, Vea Victus and more recently at the Doubles Rumble. if you attended ‘The Rumble’  then you may have noticed amongst the carnage of models our new Vanguard branded gaming mats from the printing forges of Deep Cut Studios, which have now replaced the 3×2 sectioned MDF boards which have served the club well since 2007.  So with a cornucopia of shiny new gaming mats it seemed only fitting to compliment them with re-imagined and brand new themed terrain to place upon them.

With many different potential war zone ideas rolling around in my head, one such idea revolved around a landscape built in honour of the Imperial heroes that fight without fear against the hordes of alien, daemon and heretic that clammer at humanity’s threshold. As I’ve always enjoyed building a statue or two, or three… may be four, this gave me the opportunity to flex some modelling muscle and so  come up with an array of monuments to populate the ‘Garden of Heroes’ themed gaming table.

img_3512.jpg       IMG_3517

IMG_3519                  IMG_3522


Complimenting these stoic depictions of Imperial might will, as the name suggests, be an array of trees and other plant life, raised paved platforms and a bombed cathedral ruin amongst the backdrop of an Imperial city scape which I will continue to showcase as work progresses, along with many of the other themed terrain sets due to debut at Vanquish on 2nd and 3rd of June.

More to follow…….