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Membership of the club is not required to attend events, club nights or participate in any community activity whether it is online or over the gaming table, that said if you want to support the community and formally join up this page will tell you what is involved.

Why does Bristol Vanguard have a Membership?

Good question! We don’t enforce membership on anyone wanting to get involved with club activities so why bother?

In part it is a legacy of the clubs origins and growth. Before we transcending into being a digital networked community of like-minded gamers we were local people who turned up to a local place on a set day and time, paid to rent the place, set up tables and played some games. Organising that required a contact list and the best way to gather and maintain that was to have a membership form.

In other parts it is because we are, in government and legal eyes, an Unincorporated Association. That is an organisation set up through an agreement between a group of people who come together for a reason other than to make a profit (for example, a voluntary group or a sports club). Being such an entity allows us have things like a club bank account but also comes with some responsibilities around having a governance structure (The committee and constitution) so that we can manage our assets (Terrain mostly!) on behalf of the memberships for the stated purpose of the club.

Hence, for boring practical and semi legal reasons we need to know formally who our members actually are.

Putting a small token fee on registration serves a couple of purposes, firstly it ensures our members have a small commitment to the club, secondly it contributes a small amount towards the maintenance of our assets.

So what are the benefits of joining?

Aside from contributing to a friendly local gaming community you get a couple of things.

Firstly you become a formal member of the club, and therefore have a formal say in the management of club assets and the future direction the club takes. Basically you get to vote on club matters, vote on who runs the club and if interested, stand up and help to run things yourself.

Secondly all vanguard events offer a 10% discount on ticket prices to members. Go to a couple of club events and you should make back the cost of membership.

What do you do with all the money?

The small income from membership, and all the profits from our events go towards maintaining and improving club assets. This includes the web fees on the forums and this website and small one-off expenses like the design of our new 3d trophies but mostly goes to keeping our events terrain at the high standards we are known for.


How much does it cost and how do I join?

To join you just need to provide us with a little information about yourself and the games you are looking to play and pay the membership of £5 for life.

To provide the information you can fill out the handy web form bellow, which will email your answers on to the club email account. Existing members who want to provide us with an update on your contact details and gaming preferences can also use the form.

To Pay your fee our preference is for a “friends and family” Paypal payment to This is the most convenient way and gives everyone involved a good audit trail of the payment. If you cannot use Paypal you can pay in cash to any Vanguard Committee Member or Event Organiser. Always email the club in advance to arrange this and make sure you are not handing your cash over to wrong people.